Self Care Valentine’s Day

Self Care Self Love

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. - Oscar Wilde

Remember when you were a kid and you handed out valentines to everyone in your class? That’s because Valentine’s Day is about love and you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate it. Show love to those around you, your family, friends, neighbours, pets and most importantly yourself. 

Don’t forget you don’t need a special day to love yourself, that should be a daily occurrence but it’s good to set some time aside to really show yourself some care and celebrate you. 

25 Ways to Enjoy Self Care This Valentine’s Day 

1. Put on your favourite lipstick 

2. Read a motivational book

3. Take a walk

4. Treat yourself to breakfast 

5. Sing in the shower 

6. Get your nails done

7. Do a facial

8. Catch up on sleep 

9. Take a day off 

10. Watch your favourite movie/ show 

11. Learn a new dance 

12. Watch the sunset 

13. Meditate 

14. Get a massage 

15. Treat yourself 

16. Hug your pet 

17. Take a hot bath 

18. Put on your favourite outfit 

19. Try a fancy coffee 

20. Exercise your beautiful body

21. Cook your favourite meal

22. Make a smoothie 

23. Journal 

24. Get a haircut/ style 

25. Get up early and watch the sunrise 

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