6 Compliments That Aren’t About Physical Appearance

Self Love

Whether or not your love language is words of affection. I think we all enjoy a compliment here and there and it’s important to compliment yourself too. So @selfcare4yu wrote this amazing list and here are 6 compliments that aren’t about your physical appearance.


  1. You always see the best in others. Your positive spirit reminds me to search for the good in the world, too.
  2. You have worked really hard to arrive at this moment; I hope you get the chance to celebrate yourself as you deserve
  3. You’re so empathetic and you try your best to understand me. That takes so much strength.
  4. You’re such a good listener and that’s so hard to find
  5. You have no idea what an amazing difference your presence has made in my life
  6. I want you to know I’m grateful you exist

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