About Us!

Welcome to Delicate But Deadly!

My name is Jami Lynn and I founded this company in 2021. Combining my passion for fashion with my love of creativity. But also including my knowledge and experience with mental illness. These last few years have been really hard on everyone. Positive quotes and affirmations can be relieving and encouraging on those tough days. But we were tired of all the clothing and decor having the same old boring quotes like "angel", "live, laugh love" or "you look good" so we created products that are positive but also a little sassy... Like you ;) 

Delicate But Deadly started as an Etsy Store with only 3 hoodie designs. After selling an old Juicy Couture bag, DBD ventured into vintage clothing and accessories. Creating a large following, tons of 5 star reviews and having sales grow way past our original goal or dreams. But the unexpected closure of my Etsy store, devasted DBD. This became a pivotal point in my journey where we had to decide whether to quit and move on or find a new way..

But Rome wasn't built in a day... Delicate But Deadly pushed forward. I am so excited to find a new home here. Where I’m not under the strict confines and can truly be myself. 



The Story of Delicate But Deadly.

Delicate But Deadly, was originally created as a dream. After escaping a physically abusive relationship, moving back home to my parents house across the country. It really felt like a step backwards, I had very little self esteem left and DBD was a saviour. I've always loved art and creating, but I've never tried selling it. I made a goal to sell just one item I made in the year 2021. 6 months later I had surpassed my goal ten fold. I've always dreamed of helping others and I appreciate every single person who visits this website. It's my passion project and I really hope it makes you smile.

“Be who you want and wear what you want. Because what you think about yourself is a lot more important than what others think of you”

- Jami Lynn